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Sherpa, to fight illicit financial flows

Sherpa is a French NGO created in 2001. Its mission is to fight against the new forms of impunity born out of the globalisation of financial and economic exchange. Get to know more


Human Rights Watch, For the Respect of Human Rights in the World

Human Rights Watch is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization made up of roughly 400 staff members around the globe. Get to know more

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The Fondation pour l’Egalité des Chances en Afrique supports the Gambian victims seeking justice

It is of paramount importance that victims of Yahya Jammeh’s regime bring their former dictator and the ones who bear the greatest responsibility of the most serious crimes to justice. Get to know more

logo pplaaf.png

Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF)

Since its launch in March 2017 in Dakar, the Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF) is supported by the Fondation pour l’Egalité des Chances en Afrique, which financially participate to its operating budget. Get to know more

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Supporting l'UNESCO to promote the empowerment and leadership of womenfemmes

On June 30th , 2017, UNESCO launched a series of thematic conferences related to its program “UNESCO's Soft Power Today” to promote the empowerment and leadership of women. Get to know more

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“Maison Shalom” for the schooling of Burundian refugee children in Rwanda

The “Maison Shalom” created by Marguerite Barankitse in 1993 seeks to restore dignity and hope to orphans of war, AIDS, street children, minors and babies in prison (infants with their mothers), and the children of poverty-stricken parents in Burundi. Get to know more

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Dr Mukwege, to help African Heroes

In January 2016, the foundation awarded its first prize worth €100,000 to Dr Denis Mukwege. Get to know more


SOS MEDITERRANEE, To help saving lives

Philanthropists, NGOs and public institutions should support citizens’ projects that aim at helping migrants, such as the association SOS MEDITERRANEE which rescue migrants from shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea. Get to know more

logo ewlad leblad.jpg

Ewlad Leblad, A Group of Committed and Engaging Mauritanian Rappers

Defenders of women’s and children’s rights. Promoters of democracy in Africa. The voice of minorities. Advocates for the poorest and weakest… Who are they? Activists?  NGO members?  No. They’re rappers. Get to know more


Ortygia Business School, To Help Tomorrow’s Businessmen

Ortygia Business School aims to become the Mediterranean region’s leading educational centre. Its goal is to transcend borders by encouraging the free circulation of ideas and to contribute to the economic development of countries in the Mediterranean basin. Get to know more


Europe / Africa: Roundtable on the accommodation and integration of migrants forcibly sent back to Africa

The migrants sent back by the European Union to African countries should be supported with training, micro-credit projects, structures and legal frameworks to help them succeed in their socio-economic and cultural reintegration. Get to know more

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