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Ortygia Business School aims to become the Mediterranean region’s leading educational centre. Its goal is to transcend borders by encouraging the free circulation of ideas and to contribute to the economic development of countries in the Mediterranean basin. It is therefore hardly surprising that the school drew the attention of the foundation.

The foundation is convinced that the school will help future graduates to successfully enter the workplace thanks to a curriculum that has been developed in partnership with companies in the region.

The foundation contributes to the budget of the Ortygia Business School. In 2015, it granted a €100,000 subsidy towards the launch activities of the school and its first academic events.

In 2016, the foundation will contribute a further €100,000 to allow, over time, deserving North African students, both male and female, to enrol in courses at the school. It will contribute also to the renovation of the historic Palazzo Impellizzeri, the permanent location of the school.

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