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What is the Fondation pour l’Egalité des chances en Afrique?

The Fondation pour l’Egalité des Chances en Afrique (Foundation for Equal Opportunities in Africa) is a Belgian philanthropic organisation which received its charitable status by royal decree on August 15th 2015.

It was created by an entrepreneur, Mohamed Bouamatou and lawyers specialised in Human rights law. The Foundation supports non-profit projects for Africa that contribute to reinforcing:

• The Rule of law and democracy
• Equal opportunities made possible by education, the legal system, health, culture and human rights
• Transparency in the public sector and the fight against corruption.

For the foundation, the establishment of the Rule of law conditions the emancipation of the population and encourages sustainable economic, social and cultural development.

The Foundation aims to promote any action or project in favour of better education, good governance, universal health coverage, and more generally culture, transparency in public life, the fight against corruption and respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What types of project does the foundation support?

The Foundation supports several types of project in connection with the above-mentioned objectives.

The Foundation is prepared to encourage any actions that aim to:

• Reduce corruption, bribery and sinecures in order to favour the emergence of the Rule of law;
• Put an end to the lack of drinking water and promote small-scale agriculture;
• Support projects in the fields of education and information to contribute to the emergence of ethical attitudes in professional and social life.

The Foundation aims to encourage the enterprising civil societies and support projects based on solidarity and respect of equal opportunity.

The Foundation favours modern, original and audacious projects that are likely to lead to concrete changes where they are implemented.


The Foundation’s priority is therefore to encourage actions that provide lasting solutions to assist in the development of the Rule of law.

The projects that are supported are investments in the future. The Foundation encourages long-term projects and accompanies its partners during their development.

For example, the Foundation helps the French non-governmental organisation Sherpa which defends victims of financial crimes and African heroes such as Dr Denis Mukwege, a Congolese doctor known as the ‘man that repairs women’.

How can my association benefit from the support of the Foundation?

Your association may benefit from a financial support from the Foundation if your project is related to the topics of interest of the Foundation, by contributing to the development of the rule of law in Africa. The Foundation focuses on creative, progressive and innovative projects, capable of bringing a concrete change in the societies where they are implemented.

The projects are usually financed through call for projects, prizes and grants. The Foundation can also decide to accept spontaneous requests.

The Foundation can also contribute to the operating budget of your organisation.

To apply, you can contact the Foundation for a preliminary opinion. The Foundation will relpy as quick as possible.

Does the Fondation pour l’égalité des chances en Afrique pursue any political objectives?

The Fondation pour l’égalité des chances en Afrique is a non-profit organisation with charitable status that aims to promote the establishment of the Rule of law in Africa. It is independent and has no political objectives, with the exception of promoting the respect of Human rights and equal opportunities. The Foundation doesn’t receive any state funding.

Each and every action that the Foundation supports is grounded in the belief that solidarity, equal rights for women and the respect of freedom and diversity constitute the basis of the Rule of law.

In what way is the Fondation pour l’égalité des chances en Afrique innovative?

The Fondation pour l’égalité des chances en Afrique is one of the first major foundations created by a French-speaking African, Mohamed Ould Bouamatou.

As Dr Mukwege declared: “Mr Mohamed Bouamatou is an African who, through this foundation, wants to give people the opportunity to act and help Africa move in the right direction by combating poverty, the flow of migrants and corruption, whilst fighting for the emergence of a real democracy.

Finally, the Foundation aims to finance audacious and exemplary projects that are likely to establish precedents in the establishment of the Rule of law. The foundation wants to support this enterprising part of African civil society that relentlessly fights to achieve equal opportunities and the establishment of the Rule of law.

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