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Dr Mukwege is the founder of Panzi Hopsital in Bukavu. He fights against the planned and deliberate destruction of women’s genitals. He has brought to the knowledge of the whole world the barbaric sexual violence to which women have fallen victim in Eastern Congo and strives to treat these women and repair the internal physical damage they have suffered as a result of gang rape used as a ‘weapon of war’.

To cope with the epidemic nature of the problem, his hospital takes care of rape victims from a physical, psychological, economic and legal standpoint. In the medical field, he is considered one of the leading specialists in the world in the treatment of vaginal fistula. After having his life threatened on several occasions, this African hero now lives holed up in his hospital in Bukavu under the UN’s protection.

In January 2016, the foundation awarded its first prize worth €100,000 to Dr Mukwege.

A documentary shows Dr Mukwege's exceptional work: "The Man Who Mends Women, The Wrath of Hippocrates".


Dr Mukwege has been awarded with many prizes including the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in 2008, the King Baudoin Foundation Prize in 2011, the Right Livelihood Award ("the Alternative Nobel Prize") in 2013 and in 2014 the European Parliament Sakharov Prize.

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