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In Africa, a sacred union is essential to fight against the Covid-19



China has confined itself. Europe shut itself in. The world realises with horror the deadly damage this new virus can cause to humanity. With hundreds of thousands of sick people, tens of thousands of dead, millions of people confined, more than ever women and men must unite to fight against this scourge, to stem this deadly wave.


When Europe, Asia or America will have recovered from this pandemic, I have no doubt that the continent which I belong to, Africa, will remain in a critical situation, where the virus will grow and kill, without discrimination.


Even if the spread of the virus has been slower in Africa than elsewhere, as Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), pointed out, Africa absolutely must "prepare for the worst". As of today, 40 African countries are affected and 37 people have already died.


Despite their immense natural wealth, African states, notably because of failing institutions, fragile infrastructure and a lack of political will, will not be able to protect their populations by themselves.


As a philanthropist, I would like to call on all African elites, all businessmen from the continent, all healthy companies, all multinationals currently in Africa, to become aware of this health emergency and to participate actively in the fight against the virus. Donate to hospitals, caregivers, research, and ministries of Health.

I call for the creation of a solidarity fund on an African scale which will have to meet the requirements of good governance, availability of funds, and the flexibility necessary in times of crisis. It will also be able to benefit from the assistance and / or experience of pioneers in this field, such as the Bill Gates foundation or other large humanitarian organisations such as Médecins sans frontières or Médecins du Monde.


Share your riches so that Africa itself can fight against this scourge.


Let us show the world that we are doing everything we can to beat the disease. Let us not wait for things to get worse or for help to come from somewhere else.


Yesterday, I made a large contribution to the efforts of the ministry of Health in my country, Mauritania, to fight against Covid-19. My African brothers and sisters, do the same. Let us take charge of our future and help those who courageously fight, sometimes at the risk of their lives, against this pandemic.

Mohamed Bouamatou

  March 21st, 2020

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